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The AMSR series website (AMSRs web) has been launched to provide information on GCOM-W/AMSR2 (2012-present), Aqua/AMSR-E (2002-2011), ADEOS-II/AMSR (2002-2003), and GOSAT-GW/AMSR3, which is scheduled to be launched in JFY 2023. The latest information is available on the new site below.

The contents of this page have been moved to theAMSR Series website (AMSRs web). For the latest information, please visit the following page on the new website.

New location in the AMSRs web
Contents New location
Product AMSR Data Catalog
Retrieval Algorithm Described in the "Product Overview" of each product in the AMSR Data Catalog.
Data Use Resources
Data Accesss Downloads
Calibration & Validation Learning "Calibration and Validation"
Validation Data GCOM In-situ Data Web (no change)

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