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Data Providing Service

To get standard product - Globe Portal System -

We have launched a website in order to provide users for JAXA's satellite data service by "Globe Portal System (G-Portal)". We hope that you will drop by and use our website as follows.

Please visit: here (Japanese, English)

Globe Portal System (G-Portl)

On the website, the product of the microwave radiometer containing AMSR2 of GCOM-W is provided with this service. In addition, it is distributing of the standard products by the following satellite sensors.

* User registration is required for data acquisition.

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To get research product - GCOM-W Research Product Distribution Service -

To obtain research product, Please visit: GCOM-W Research Product Distribution Service

* The user's registration is newly necessary in order to use this service.

< Available Data >
  • AMSR-E Brightness Temperature in slow rotation mode: December/05/2012 - December/04/2015
  • AMSR2 Research Product: July/02/2012 - present

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