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[ Retrieval Algorithm ]

Development and selection of retrieval algorithms for generating geophysical products are being conducted through the algorithm comparison study in cooperation with science team. The same procedure will be continued after launch as needed to improve the algorithm performance.

Standard Product (at launch)
Geophysical Parameter Algorithm Developer
Integrated water vapor Masahiro Kazumori (Japan Meteorological Agency)
Integrated cloud liquid water Masahiro Kazumori (Japan Meteorological Agency)
Precipitation Kazumasa Aonashi (Meteorological Research Institute)
Sea surface temperature Akira Shibata (Meteorological Research Institute)
Sea surface wind speed Akira Shibata (Meteorological Research Institute)
Sea ice concentration Josefino Comiso (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center)
Kohei Cho (Tokai University)
Snow depth Richard Kelly (University of Waterloo)
Soil moisture content Toshio Koike (The University of Tokyo)

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