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Data Users' Manual for AMSR2 (4th ed., PDF file / 2.1MB)

This document provides users with information about the method for utilization of GCOM-W/AMSR2 data sets as well as the background knowledge. To make effective use of the GCOM-W/AMSR2 data sets, firstly we will explain some basic information of the GCOM-W satellite and AMSR2 instrument. Then we will explain about how to install the libraries and use sample programs to read the standard products (Level-1, 2, and 3). Sample programs both written in C and Fortran Languages are available.

Sample programs (Tar file compressed with gzip / 49.9kB)

AMSR2 Product I/O Toolkit (AMTK) *

platform:Sun, SGI, Linux
There are two ways to read AMSR2 data constructed as an HDF5 file.
One is to use only the HDF5 library, and the other is to use the AMSR2 Product I/O Toolkit which uses the HDF5 library as internal routine, for reading AMSR2 data in your own C program or Fortran program.
It is necessary to download Leap seconds data with this software. For more information, look at the User's Manual.

GCOM-W "Shizuku" Data Users Handbook*

GCOM-W User Tool*

* Links will work validly after login to GCOM-W1 Data Providing Service

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