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Format specification, Users handbook, and Toolkit

Format specification, Users handbook, and Toolkit for AMSR2 standard products are available at G-Portal. Please click here for more information.

The format of AMSR2 research products completely conforms to the AMSR2 stand product. The toolkit and related documents can be applied to AMSR2 research product except QC flags. Please click here to see detail of QC flags for AMSR2 research product.

Data Users' Manual for AMSR2(4th ed., PDF file / 2.1MB)

  • Basic information of the GCOM-W satellite and AMSR2 instrument.
  • How to install the libraries
  • How to use sample programs (C and Fortran) for the standard products (Level-1, 2, and 3).
  • Sample programs
    Please use the updated sample programs that corresponds to the latest product.

    Note:Since the Data User's Manual for AMSR2 explains programing with sample programs for AMSR2 L2/L3 products ver.2, there are some differences from the updated sample programs, such as line numbers.
  • Sample data (HDF5 format)

Updated sample programs

  • Sample programs (Corresponding L1 ver.2.2/L2 and L3 ver.4 products)
    (Tar file compressed with gzip / 52.8KB, updated: Oct. 20 2020)

    -This sample program can be used for SST ver.4 products but may have problem to read SST ver.3 or older.
    -You can use the program to read ver.4 or older products of other geophysical parameters (except SST).
    -If you use SST ver.3 or older, please use the sample programs form hear.

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