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[Validation Real-time Monitor]

A validation real-time monitor system is here (GCOM-W Validation Web).


In a broad sense, calibration activities include pre-launch design and calibration testing, post-launch in-orbit evaluation, and long-term trend monitoring. In orbit, evaluation and analysis using calibration counts, various ancillary data, and deep space calibration data acquired by AMSR2, and inter-comparison with other passive microwave radiometers. To confirm long-term data quality, perform monitoring of temporal changes of these calibration data and sensor characteristics.


Validation activities aim to evaluate the accuracy of geophysical products by comparing in-situ measurements and AMSR2 estimates. These activities will be implemented by effectively using the operational in-situ observations in cooperation with the worldwide meteorological/oceanographical organizations, and by conducting dedicated field observations for particular geophysical parameters like soil moisture.

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