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SGLI Research Products and Agorithm Theoretical Basis Documents (ATBD)
Area Product
Definition & Unit Proposer Last ATBD
Land Land net primary production
  • Def.: Net primary productivity which is how much carbon dioxide vegetation takes in during photosynthesis (GPP) minus how much carbon dioxide the plants release during respiration or decay.
  • Unit: gC/m2/year
K.Nasahara Sep-11 PDF
Water stress trend
  • Def.: An index to understand the droughty state of vegetation.
  • Unit: none
K.Nasahara TBD -
Fire detection index
  • Def.: Location of fire hot spots detected using thermal and shortwave infrared bands.
  • Unit: none
K.Nakau Mar-15 PDF
M.Moriyama Mar-17 PDF
Land cover type
  • Def.: Land cover type classified using vegetation indices and land reflectance.
  • Unit: none
K.Fukue Oct-11 PDF
N.Soyama Oct-11 PDF
Land surface albedo
  • Def.: Ratio of upward reflected energy to downward solar radiation energy.
  • Unit: none
TBD - -
ET Index (Crop Coefficient)
  • Def.: actual evapotranspiration normalized for the weather condition
  • Unit: none
M.Tasumi Mar-16 PDF
Leaf Sectral Property
  • Def.: Reflectance and transmittance of leaves
  • Unit: none
K.Nasahara Sep-11 PDF
Atmosphere Water cloud geometrical thickness
  • Def.: Geometrical thickness of water cloud.
  • Unit: m
M.Kuji TBD -
Long-wave radiation flux
  • Def.: Longwave radiation flux at the ground including downward longwave radiation flux and upward longwave radiation flux.
  • Unit: W/m2
T.Hayasaka TBD -
Short-wave radiation flux
  • Def.: Shortwave radiation flux at the ground including downward shortwave radiation flux and upward shortwave radiation flux.
  • Unit:W/m2
T.Hayasaka TBD -
Ocean Euphotic zone depth
  • Def.: The sea depth where photosynthetic available radiation (PAR) is 1% of its surface value.
  • Unit:m
T.Hirata Mar-17 PDF
Inherent optical properties
  • Def.: Optical properties of sea water such as spectral absorption, scattering, and backscattering coefficients for characterizing the marine optical environment and remote-sensing applications.
  • Unit:1/m
T.Hirata Nov-11 PDF
Ocean net primary productivity
  • Def.: Net primary productivity which is gross photosynthetic carbon fixation minus the carbon respired to support maintenance requirements of the whole plant.
  • Unit:mgC/m2/day
T.Hirawake Mar-16 PDF
J.Ishizaka Mar-11 PDF
Phytoplankton functional type
  • Def.: Conceptual groupings of phytoplankton species, which have a ecological functionality in common such as nitrogen fixation, calci?cation, silici?cation, DMS production and so on.
  • Unit: none
T.Hirata Mar-12 PDF
T.Hirawake Mar-16 PDF
  • Def.: Detection of a red tide phenomenon known as an algal bloom.
  • Unit: none
J.Ishizaka Mar-11 PDF
Multi sensor merged ocean color parameters
  • Def.: Multi-sensor merged chrollophyl-a concentration product with higher temporal resolution than that of SGLI original product.
  • Unit:mg/m3
TBD - -
Multi sensor merged sea surface temperature
  • Def.: Multi-sensor merged seasurface temperature product with higher temporal resolution than that of SGLI original products.
  • Unit: ℃
TBD - -
Sea surface nitrate and nitrate based new production
  • Def.: Sea Surface Nitrate and Nitrate Based New Production.
  • Unit:TBD
J. I. Goes Mar-17 PDF
Cryosphere Snow and ice classification
  • Def.: Classification of snow and ice cover types derived using spectral reflectance and temperature.
  • Unit: none
K.Stamnes Mar-16 PDF
Snow area in forest and mountain
  • Def.: The extent of snow cover in forest and mountaneous region.
  • Unit: none
K.Stamnes Mar-16 PDF
Snow grain size of subsurface layer
  • Def.: Grain size of snow ice particle in sub-surface layer derived mainly from SGLI 1050nm band reflectance.
  • Unit: μm
K.Stamnes Mar-16 PDF
青木 TBD -
Snow grain size of top layer
  • Def.: Grain size of snow ice particle in top-surface layer derived mainly from SGLI 1640nm band reflectance.
  • Unit:μm
K.Stamnes Mar-16 PDF
T.Aoki TBD -
Snow and ice albedo
  • Def.: Spectrally integrated albedo of snow surface.
  • Unit: none
K.Stamnes TBD -
T.Aoki TBD -
Snow impurity
  • Def.: Mass fraction of snow impurity mixed in snow layer which is optically equivalent to soot.
  • Unit: ppmw
K.Stamnes Mar-16 PDF
Ice sheet surface roughness
  • Def.: Surface roughness of ice sheets defined as the ratio of height to width of a roughness pattern.
  • Unit: none
T.Aoki Oct-11 PDF
Ice sheet boundary monitoring
  • Def.: Boundary line between ice sheets and sea surface.
  • Unit: none

*1:Product ID of the research products written in [ ] are tentative.