Products & Algorithms

Accuracy Targets: Research Products

Area Group Product Day/night Grid size Target accuracy*1
Land Application Land net primary production Daytime 1km 30% (yearly)
Water stress trend N/A 500m 10% *R1 (error judgment rate)
Fire detection index Both*R2 500m 20% *R3 (error judgment rate)
Land cover type Daytime 250m 30% (error judgment rate)
Land surface albedo 1km 10%
Atmosphere Cloud Water cloud geometrical thickness Daytime 1km (scene), 0.1deg (global) 300m
Radiation budget Long-wave radiation flux Downward 10W/m2, upward 15W/m2 (monthly)
Short-wave radiation flux Downward 13W/m2, upward 10W/m2
Ocean Ocean color Euphotic zone depth Daytime 250m (coast), 1km (offshore), 4~9km (global) 30%
In-water Inherent optical properties a(440): RMSE <0.25, bbp(550): RMSE <0.25
Application Ocean net primary productivity 500m (coast), 1km (offshore), 4~9km (global) 70% (monthly)
Phytoplankton functional type 250m (coast), 1km (offshore), 4~9km (global) error judgment rate of large/ small phytoplankton dominance<20%; or error judgment rate of the dominant phytoplankton functional group <40%
Redtide error judgment rate <20%
multi sensor merged ocean color 250m (coast), 1km (offshore) -35~+50% (offshore), -50~+100% (coast)
multi sensor merged SST Both 500m (coast), 1km (offshore) 0.8K (day&night time)
Cryosphere Area/ distribution Snow and ice classification N/A 1km 10%
Snow covered area in forest and mountain Daytime 250m 30%
Surface propaties Snow grain size of subsurface layer 1km 50%
Snow grain size of top layer 250m(scene), 1km (global) 50%
Snow and ice albedo 1km 7%
Snow impurity 250m(scene), 1km (global) 50%
Ice sheet surface roughness N/A 1km 0.05*R4
Boundary Ice sheet boundary monitoring N/A 250m <500m
Common note:
*1The "release threshold" is minimum levels for the first data release at one year from launch. The "standard" and "research" accuracies correspond to full- and extra success criteria of the mission respectively. Accuracies are shown by RMSE basically.
Research product
*R1Evaluate in semiarid regions (steppe climate etc.)
*R2Night time 250m product can be produced by special observation requests of 1.6um channel
*R3Fires <1000K occupying <1/1000 on 1km pixel at night (using 2.2um of 1 km and thermal infrared channels)
*R4Defined as height/width of the surface structures