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The AMSR series website (AMSRs web) has been launched to provide information on GCOM-W/AMSR2 (2012-present), Aqua/AMSR-E (2002-2011), ADEOS-II/AMSR (2002-2003), and GOSAT-GW/AMSR3, which is scheduled to be launched in JFY 2023. The latest information is available on the new site below.

Announcement of "Mini-Workshop on A-Train Science"

The Afternoon Constellation (A-Train) is a constellation of earth observation satellites which travel in the same polar orbit, crossing the equator northbound at about 1:30 p.m. Each satellite carrying various sensors observes the Earth almost simultaneously. JAXA successfully entered the GCOM-W satellite "SHIZUKU" to the A-Train, and started to acquire observation data. We arrange a mini workshop for scientific studies using the A-Train data after the A-Train Mission Operations Working Group (MOWG) meeting held in Japan. We hope this mini workshop will make an opportunity for Japanese researchers to deeply know the A-Train and to share ideas on the A-Train data with US researchers and operators. We expect an active participation of everyone who has an interest in the A-Train.

Agenda (PDF file, 221KB)

Chair: Haruhisa Shimoda (Tokai University / JAXA)
13:00-13:05 (05) Opening remarks: Haruhisa Shimoda (Tokai University / JAXA)  
13:05-13:35 (30) A-Train science overview: Graeme Stephens (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory) PDF file:
13:35-13:55 (20) A-Train operation and coordination: Angelita Kelly (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center) PDF file:
13:55-14:15 (20) JAXA Earth observation missions: Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency PDF file:
14:15-14:35 (20) GCOM-W1 now on the A-Train: Taikan Oki (The University of Tokyo / JAXA) PDF file:
14:35-14:55 (20) Measuring carbon dioxide from the A-Train: The OCO-2 Mission: David Crisp (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory) PDF file:
14:55-15:20 (25) Break
Chair: Taikan Oki (The University of Tokyo / JAXA)
15:20-15:40 (20) Remote sensing of clouds from A-Train: Takashi Nakajima (Tokai University) PDF file:
15:40-16:00 (20) Snow and cloud monitoring toward solid precipitation observation: Toshio Koike and Hiroyuki Tsutsui (The University of Tokyo) -
16:00-16:20 (20) Monitoring trace gas emissions and transport with Aura and the A-Train: Simon Carn (Michigan Technological University) PDF file:
16:20-16:40 (20) Joint-Simulator and A-train for evaluating clouds simulated by a global cloud resolving model: Tempei Hashino (The University of Tokyo) PDF file:
16:40-17:00 (20) Discussion
» Web Site of GCOM-W "SHIZUKU"
» Web Site of NASA A-Train

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