The example of compound analysis by GLI and POLDER
250m, ADEOS-II carried various sensors such as the multi channel microwave imager, AMSR, microwave scattermeter, SeaWinds, and polarization and the multi-direction observation radiometer, POLDER-2.
The various figures of the earth can be caught by using the multi-sensors effectively. Three topics below are the analysis examples of land, ocean, and snow field using GLI and POLDER.

1. Land vegetation seen by GLI and POLDER

2. Ocean surface seen by GLI and POLDER

3. Snow field seen by GLI and POLDER

*Topics in the GLI initial check-out period
*GLI atmospheric corrected 5-km global image

2003/04-10 (tiff), 2003/04-10 (tiff(bright)), 2003/04-10 (jpg(bright)),

2003/04-05 (tiff), 2003/06-08 (tiff), 2003/09-10 (tiff)

NDVI/CHLA: 2003/04-05 (jpg), 2003/06-08 (jpg)

*Each group's gallery
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Land land cryosphere Cryosphere

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