Products & Algorithms

Standard Product & Algorithm

Area Product[ID*1] Definition & Unit Algorithm
Land Atmospheric corrected reflectance
  • Def.: Land surface reflectance corrected for the effects of atmospheric scattering and absorption. Correction of directional anisotropic effects are also made for 8-day and monthly composite products.
  • Unit: none
T1A H.Murakami Jan-17 PDF
Vegetation index
  • Def.: Indices indicating vegetation cover and activity such as NDVI and EVI
  • Unit: none
Above-ground biomass
  • Def.: Dry weight of above-ground vegetation
  • Unit: t/ha
T3A K.Kajiwara Mar-15 PDF
Vegetation roughness index
[AGB_ (VGI_)]
  • Def.: An index indicating plant vertical structure observed from multi-angle directions.
  • Unit: none
Shadow index
[VGI_ (SDI_)]
  • Def.: An index indicating shadow fraction of vegetation area inferred from spectral reflectance.
  • Unit: none
T2A M. Moriyama TBD -
Fraction of absorbed PAR
  • Def.: Fraction of photosynthetically active radiation absorbed by vegetation
  • Unit: none
T2B Y.Honda Nov-11 PDF
Leaf area index
  • Def.: The sum of the one sided green leaf area per unit ground area.
  • Unit: none
Land surface temperature
  • Def.: Temperature of terrestrical land surface.
  • Unit: Kelvin
T4A M. Moriyama Oct-11 PDF
Atmosphere Cloud flag/Classification
  • Def.: Cloud discrimination flag including the classification of cloud type and phase (liquid/solid).
  • Unit: none
A1ABC T.Y. Nakajima Sep-11 PDF
Classified cloud fraction
* is the No. of the ISCCP classes
  • Def.: Cloud fractions for 9 cloud types which are classified based on the ISCCP classification rule.
  • Unit: percent
A2AB T.Y. Nakajima Sep-11 PDF
Cloud top temp/height
  • Def.: Temperature and height of cloud top layer.
  • Unit: Kelvin for temperature, km for height
Water cloud OT/effective radius
  • Def.: Optical thickness and effective radius of water cloud droplets
  • Unit: none for thickness, mm for radius
Ice cloud optical thickness
  • Def.: Optical thickness of ice cloud.
  • Unit: none
Aerosol over the ocean
  • Def.: Optical thickness, Ångström exponent, and classification of aerosol over ocean estimated using visible and near infrared band.
  • Unit: none
A3AB M.Yoshida TBD (Jun-17) PDF
Land aerosol by near ultra violet
  • Def.: Optical thickness and light absorption coefficient of aerosol over land estimated using near-ultraviolet band.
  • Unit: none
Aerosol by Polarization
  • Def.: Optical thickness, Ångström exponent, and classification of aerosol estimated using polarization bands.
  • Unit: none
A4AB I. Sano TBD -
Ocean Normalized water leaving radiance
*** is wavelength.
  • Def.: The upwelling radiance just above the sea surface.
  • Unit: W/m2/str/um or 1/sr
O2AB M.Toratani Oct-11 PDF
Atmospheric correction param
[NWLR (T***)]*** is wavelength.
  • Def.: Aerosol optical properties for the atmospheric correction over ocean.
  • Unit: none
Photosynthetically available radiatioin
  • Def.: Photon flux density within the visible wavelength range (400 to 700 nm) over ocean which is potencially available to plant for photosynthesis.
  • Unit: Ein/m2/day or mol photons/m2/day
H. Murakami TBD -
Chlorophyll-a concentration
  • Def.: Concentration of the green pigment in phytoplankton in sea surface layer.
  • Unit: mg/m3
O3AB H. Murakami TBD -
Suspended solid concentration
  • Def.: Dry weight of suspended matter in a unit volume of surface water which is the sum of organics such as phytoplankton and inorganics such as soil.
  • Unit: g/m3
M.Toratani Oct-11 PDF
Colored dissolved organic matter
  • Def.: Light absoption coefficient of organics dissolved in surface water.
  • Unit: 1/m
T.Hirata Sep-11 PDF
Sea surface temperature
  • Def.: Temperature of sea surface.
  • Unit: deg.C)
O1AB Y. Kurihara TBD -
Cryosphere Snow and Ice covered area
  • Def.: The extent of global snow and ice cover.
  • Unit: none
C1AB K. Stamnes Mar-16 PDF
OKhotsk sea-ice distribution
  • Def.: The extent of sea ice in Okhotsk Sea.
  • Unit: none
C1C K. Stamnes Mar-16 PDF
Snow and ice surface Temperature
  • Def.: Temperature of snow and ice surface.
  • Unit: Kelvin
C2AB K. Stamnes Mar-16 PDF
Snow grain size of shallow layer
  • Def.: Grain size of snow ice particle in shallow layer derived mainly from SGLI 865nm band reflectance.
  • Unit: μm
Statistics Level-2 Statistics
  • Def.: Temporal statistics of SGLI Level-2 (L2) Tile geophysical variable (GV) products for land and cryosphere.
  • Unit: Same as the L2 variables
G4A M.Hori Mar-17 PDF
Level-2 Mosaic
  • Def.: Cloud-free top-of-atmosphere (TOA) radiance data from Level-2 Tile LTOA (TOA radiance) product.
  • Unit: Same as the L2 variables
G4B M.Hori Mar-17 PDF
Level-3 Spatial Binning
  • Def.: Spatial statistics of SGLI Level-2 (L2) daily geophysical variable (GV) products reducing the spatial resolution to 1/24 deg. (land, cryosphere, and ocean) or 1/12 deg. (atmosphere).
  • Unit: Same as the L2 variables
G56 M.Hori Mar-17 PDF
Level-3 Temporal Binning
  • Def.: Temporal statistics of SGLI Level-3 (L3) spatially-binned geophysical variable (GV) products.
  • Unit: Same as the L2 variables
G7A M.Hori Mar-17 PDF
Level-3 Map
  • Def.: Map-projected images of the SGLI Level-3 (L3) spatially- or temporally- binned geophysical variable (GV) products.
  • Unit: Same as the L2 variables
G7A M.Hori Mar-17 PDF

*1:Product ID of Leve-2 product is written in [ ] and Level-3 is written in ( ).