GLI/SGLI new science products

GLI PI Team and EORC/GAIT Jan 2009

0. Radiance datasets
0.125-deg GLI global mapped radiance (GLI all channels, all-dates radiance data)
0.25-deg GLI global mapped radiance

1. Atmosphere
- Aerosol products
Aerosol propaties by the four channel mothod (Higurashi and Nakajima 2002)
   Aerosol propaties of three modes and soot by MAP mothod (Fukuda and Nakajima; image only)
- Cloud amount /properties (comming soon)
- Radiation budget (comming soon)

2. Ocean
- Special areas (Japan, Europe, Australia, CalCOFI) image/data samples
- 250m demonstrate products around Japan 
- Land/Ocean Potosynthetically Available Radiotion (PAR) and shortwave irradiance (SWR)  (Frouin and Murakami 2007; GLI / Terra+Aqua MODIS / SeaWiFS)
- Ocean primary productivity (by Kameda and Ishizaka 2005 algorithm)
- MODIS near-real time processing (GLI algorithms application )

3. Land
- 16 days composite mosaic data of ADEOS-II/GLI 250m 
- Atmospheric correction (
0.125deg NUV corr data
- Land/Ocean PAR and SWR
 (EORC; GLI / Terra+Aqua MODIS / SeaWiFS)
- Land Net Primary Production (Muramatsu, 2009; readme: 2003 annual, and 2003 monthly, data are linked from the pdf files) NEW2.GIF - 172BYTES
Land Cover Classification (Soyama et al., 2009; readme and data)NEW2.GIF - 172BYTES

4. Cryosphere
- Polar region mosaic
- Snow /ice standard products

 Also see, GLI standard products via EORC page