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Science Team

Team Leader

Oki, Taikan     (The University of Tokyo)

Team Member   (Principal Investigators of the GCOM third research announcement)

Principal Investigator Research Organization Research theme
Aonashi, Kazumasa Meteorological Research Institute Improvement of passive microwave precipitation retrieval algorithm for AMSR2
Chang, Paul NOAA NESDIS Comprehensive multi-sensor database for validation and algorithm development of AMSR-2 ocean products in extreme environmental conditions
Cho, Kohei Tokai University Improving sea ice concentration algorithm for AMSR-2
Comiso, Josefino C. NASA GSFC Refinements for the Bootstrap AMSR2 sea ice concentration algorithm
Ebuchi, Naoto Hokkaido University Evaluation of marine surface wind observed by AMSR2 on GCOM-W1
Enomoto, Hiroyuki National Institute of Polar Research Polar ice sheets monitoring related global environmental change using GCOM-W AMSR2
Gentemann, Chelle L. Remote Sensing Systems Geophysical retrievals from GCOM-W AMSR2
Heygster, Georg University of Bremen High resolving sea ice concentration, geolocation and thickness of thin sea ice
Oyama, Ryo Meteorological Research Institute Development of the method to estimate maximum wind speed of tropical cyclones using GCOM/AMSR2 data
Jackson, Thomas J. USDA ARS Soil moisture validation in the U.S. and a land surface temperature product
Kaihotsu, Ichirow Hiroshima University Asia AMSR-E/AMSR2 validation experiment
Kazumori, Masahiro Japan Meteorological Agency Development of retrieval algorithm of total water vapor content and total liquid water content for GCOM-W1 AMSR2
Kelly, Richard University of Waterloo Research development and maintenance of the GCOM-W snow depth and snow water equivalent product
Kim, Edward J. NASA GSFC Validation of AMSR2 soil moisture and snow data products using co-located GPS and in situ observations
Koike, Toshio The University of Tokyo Development of Soil Moisture and Snow Algorithms for AMSR2 and AMSR-E based LDAS products
Konda, Masanori Kyoto University Validation of the modulation of the ocean wind derived by AMSR2 caused by swell waves
Kouzai, Katsutoshi Kobe University Investigation on evaluation method for offshore wind energy resources using AMSR2-derived wind speed and SST products
Kubota, Masahisa Tokai University Evaluation and utilization of GCOM-W1 standard products
Lakshmi, Venkat University of South Carolina Improvement of spatial resolution and validation of GCOM-W soil moisture
Liu, Guosheng Florida State University Detecting and retrieving solid precipitation using AMSR2
Liu, W. Timothy JPL CalTech Ocean's role in global water and energy cycles
Markus, Thorsten NASA GSFC Refinement and adjustment of NASA Team 2 sea ice concentration retrievals for AMSR2
Matsushima, Dai Chiba Institute of Technology A development of soil moisture products of AMSR2 with higher spatial resolution using combined satellite data and a surface heat budget model
Meier, Walter N. NSIDC Continuity and enhancement of NSIDC cryospheric products using GCOM-W AMSR2 data
Mitnik, Leonid M. V.I. Il'ichev Pacific Oceanological Institute Water vapor, cloud liquid water and wind speed retrieval algorithms for GCOM-W1 AMSR2
Ohshima, Kay I. Hokkaido University Development of algorithm for thin ice thickness and detection of fast ice based on direct sea ice observations
Paloscia, Simonetta IFAC-CNR Algorithms for global monitoring the Earth's surface parameters of the hydrological cycle
Shibata, Akira Meteorological Research Institute Algorithm developments of SST and SSW for AMSR-E and AMSR-2
Spencer, Roy W. The University of Alabama in Huntsville Radiative forcing versus feedback over the oceans using AMSR2
Suzuki, Kazuyoshi Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology A study on ensemble snow data assimilation in north-east Eurasian region
Takamura, Tamio Chiba University Ground-based validation of cloud parameters for GCOM-W
Tomita, Hiroyuki Nagoya University Validation of GCOM-W product using in-situ observation data over the ocean
Walker, Jeffrey Monash University Towards global water and energy balance monitoring using GCOM-W1 in the Australian Murray Darling Basin
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