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Announce -
SeaWiFS project team in Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) for National Aero Space Administration (NASA) announced a new version of SeaWiFS processing software (SeaDAS) on May 12, 2000. The new processing software includes revisions on the atmospheric correction, in-water algorithm and so on. EORC started to process data along this new SeaWiFS processing software for data since June 1, 2000, which are received at Tokai Univ. You may refer the following homepage on this issue.Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC)

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ALL SeaWiFS images and data presented on this website are for reserch and educational use only. All commercial use of SeaWiFS data must be coordinated with ORBIMAGE.

Announce -
To use SeaWiFS data which is not open to the public, you need to register for JAXA/EORC.
And it is necessary to register for the SeaWiFS project at NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center beforehand.

When you desire to register for JAXA/EORC, Please contact the following e-mail address, and registration name for the NASA/SeaWiFS project.

The address for JAXA/EORC user registration :

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It mentions the update information of processing software "SeaDAS" and so on.

SeaWiFS On-Line Data Only for NASA registrated user.

This service is a trial operation in the purpose to provide SeaWiFS L2 data whith was geometrically Processed from SeaWiFS L1A data provided by Tokai University Information Technology Center (TRIC) based on the mutual cooperation between Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) and Tokai University.
So, credit Line for all images, NASA/GSFC, ORBIMAGE, TRIC/TSIC and JAXA/EORC.

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