Haruhisa Shimoda
ADEOS Program Scientist
Earth Observation Research and application Center, Japan Space Exploration Agency

A special issue of the IEEE Transaction on Geoscience and Remote Sensing
be dedicated to  ADEOS-related topics. Although ADEOS ceased operating on
June 1997, data obtained from ADEOS are still very important to better
understand the Earth environment. This special issue is composed of two
Part 1 focuses on instrument characteristics, and is composed of eight
invited papers corresponding to eight sensors on board ADEOS. Part 2
on scientific findings from ADEOS data and is composed of several invited
papers and contributed papers. Original unpublished research papers are
sought for Part 2.

Prospective authors should follow the regular guidelines of the IEEE
Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing as listed on the last page of
the Transactions. The authors should send five  sets (original plus four
copies) of the manuscript to Ms. Kirihara before 1 Apr. 1998.

Guest Editor

Haruhisa Shimoda
Earth Observation Research and application Center
Japan Space Exploration Agency

Associate Guest Editors

Toshihiro Ogawa
Department of Earth and Planetary Physics
Faculty of Science
University of Tokyo

Teruyuki Nakajima
Center for Climate System Research
University of Tokyo

Toshiro Saino
Institute of Hydrospheric-Atmospheric Sciences
Nagoya University

Timothy Liu
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

*** SCHEDULE ***
      The tentative schedule of this special issue is shown below.

Due Date for Manuscript Submission: 1 Apr. 1998

Yumiko Kirihara
Earth Observation Research and application Center
Japan Space Exploration Agency
Roppongi First Building 14F
1-9-9, Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Japan 106
Phone : +81-3-3224-7054
FAX   : +81-3-3224-7051
E-mail: kirihara@eorc.jaxa.jp

Review process
   Manuscripts Returned to Authors for Revision: 30 Jun. 1998
   Revised Manuscripts received by Guest Editors: 31 Jul. 1998
   Articles sent to reviewers for second review: Aug. 1998
   Final reviews received by Authors: 30 Sep. 1998
Final Revised Manuscripts to Guest Editors: 31 Oct. 1998
Final versions of articles sent to IEEE TGARS editor: Nov. 1998

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