Toshihiro Ogawa
Coordinator of ADEOS Atmospheric Science
Invited Scientist, JAXA EORC
Professor, University of Tokyo

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Conference Title:
      Optical Remote Sensing of the Atmosphere and Clouds
      First Asia-Pacific Symposium on Remote Sensing:
            Atmosphere, Environment, and Space
                     14-17 September 1998
      China International Exhibition Center, Beijing, China

Conference Chairs:
Jinxue Wang, Beiying Wu, Toshiro Ogawa, and Zheng-hua Guan.

Program Committee:
Guy Brasseur, William P. Chu, James R. Drummond, Herbert Fischer, John C.
Gille, Allen H. Huang, Vyacheslav Khattatov, Jietai Mao, Clive D. Rodgers,
James M. Russell III, Yasuhiro Sasano, and Jun Zhou.

Asia is among the world's most rapidly developing regions, and this rapid
development and industrialization of many Asian countries are having an
increasingly large impact on the global environment. Close cooperation
between many industrialized western countries and developing countries is
critical for solving difficult global environmental problems.

Optical remote sensing technologies have provided valuable data and
contributed significantly to our understanding of the Earth's atmosphere
impacts of increased human activities. Improving techniques and new
instruments are becoming ever more important with more demanding
on the accuracy and resolution of atmospheric observations. Closer
collaboration and interactions between remote sensing and global model
development communities are required for remote sensing data interpretation
and model validation.

This conference intends to bring together scientists and engineers involved
in atmospheric physics and chemistry, optics and optical instrumentation,
radiative transfer modeling, retrieval techniques, global chemistry and
transport model development, and remote sensing data analysis to exchange
ideas and discuss recent developments in optical remote sensing of the
atmosphere and clouds. Special sessions on the instruments, data
and science of the ADEOS program are planned. There will be invited
presentations by many world leading scientists.
Papers are solicited in the following and related topics.

T1:    ADEOS: Instruments, Data Processing, and Science
T2:    Optical remote sensing of troposphere and stratosphere trace species
T3:    Aerosol and clouds studies using optical remote sensing techniques
T4:    Global atmosphere chemistry and transport model development and
T5:    Data assimilation of satellite observations and applications
T6:    Advanced optical sensors and systems for current and future research
       satellite remote sensing missions
T7:    Advanced infrared sounder and imager systems for polar and
       geostationary operational weather satellites
T8:    Instrument calibration and data validation
T9:    New development in radiative transfer modeling and retrieval

Abstract Due Date : 16 February 1998
Manuscript Due Date : 22 June 1998

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