We published a list of PIs selected for JAXA-EA-MITI ADEOS JRA in ADEOS Newsletter No. 6. In this newsletter, we will publish a list of PIs selected for JAXA-CNES ADEOS JRA. These PIs are listed below.

Michael A. Box (Australia)
Aerosol Optical Properties from POLDER:
New Approaches, Validation, and Regional Studies

Daren Lu (China)
Calibration and validation of POLDER data during the comprehensive field
experiment IMGRASS and Application of POLDER data in the study of
ecological-atmospheric system

Takashi Kusaka (Japan)
Estimation of Surface Bidirectional Reflectances and Aerosol Properties
Using Stereoscopic Images

Yoshiyuki Kawata (Japan)
Inversion of Optical Properties of Crop Canopies and Land Aerosols Using
the POLDER Data over Land

Xiaowen Li (China)
Validation of POLDER Standard Products based on in situ Field Measurements
and Airborne Measurements of Directional Reflectance

Kelvin Michael (Australia)
Surface Properties and Mass Budget of the Antarctic Ice Sheet:
POLDER Component

Ranendu Ghosh (India)
Study of Polarization Signature of Crop Canopy and Land Surfaces

Sonoyo Mukai (Japan)
Retrieval of Atmospheric Aerosols for Ocean Color Analysis

Tsutomu Takashima (Japan)
Polarimetric Investigation of Oceanic Aerosol over the West Pacific and the
Japan Sea

Frank E. Hoge (USA)
Airborne Calibration and Validation of POLDER Ocean Products

Ehrhard Raschke (Germany)
Analysis of Earth Radiation Budget Parameters, Clouds and Vegetation over
Europe, and in Particular the BALTEX Area

Ronald M. Welch (USA)
Regional Aerosols and their Effects upon Cloud Properties and the Earth's
Radiative Energy Budget

James Spinhirne (USA)
Cloud Sensor Development and Applications for Bi-directional Reflectance and
Other Measurements

Michael John Barnsley (UK)
Monitoring Land-surface Biophysical Properties at Continental and Global
Scales using POLDER

Michel Fily (France)
Antarctic Snow Surface Characteristics

Vern C. Vanderbilt (USA)
Mapping Northern Ecosystems with POLDER: Applications for Circumpolar
Methane Exchange

Harumi Isaka (France)
Microphysical Characterisation of Clouds with POLDER Measurements:
Inversion Method and "in situ" Validation

Frederic Parol (France)
"Earth Radiation Budget and Clouds" from POLDER

Carlos Alberto Eiras Garcia (Brazil)
Ocean Colour Data Analysis in the South Atlantic Ocean

Annick Bricaud (France)
Bio-optical Algorithms for Deriving Marine Reflectances, Oceanic Pigment
Concentrations and Water Types from POLDER Data

Marc Leroy (France)
Physical Characterization of Continental Surface Reflectances and use in
Modelization of Biosphere Dynamics

Jean Philippe Duvel (France)
New Bidirectional Reflectance Functions for Earth Radiation Budget

Didier Tanre (France)
Monitoring of Aerosols Particles from POLDER (MAPP)

Francois-Marie Breon (France)
Global Climate Studies using POLDER Products in General Circulation Models
and Transport Models

Robert J. Frouin (USA)
Ocean Color Remote Sensing Using Polarization and Bidirectionality
Properties of Reflected Sunlight

Paul C. Simon (Belgium)
Validation of POLDER Data Products by Comparison with Measurements Performed
by the Global Ozone Monitoring Experiment (GOME) on board ERS-2

Eric F. Vermote (USA)
In Flight Vicarious Calibration of POLDER Instrument and Quality Assessment
of POLDER Vegetation Monitoring Capability

Alain Royer, Norman O'Neill (Canada)
Characterization of Aerosols over CANADA

Karl-Theodor Kriebel (Germany)
Determination of Cloud and Aerosol Properties by Using Polarization,
Bidirectional and Spectral Characteristics of Radiation Measurements

Alfred T. C. Chang (USA)
POLDER Observations of Directional Reflectance and Polarization of Snow and
Sea Ice Fields

Jurgen Fischer (Germany)
Determination of Ocean Properties by Using Polarization, Bidirectional and
Spectral Radiation Measurements

Robert J. Frouin (USA)
Inversion Schemes to Retrieve Atmospheric and Oceanic Parameters from POLDER

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