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Earth Observation Research and application Center, Japan Space Exploration Agency

We are providing information on ADEOS through the Internet WWW. You can find the latest ADEOS information in the EORC ADEOS Home Page (URL address - http://www.eorc.jaxa.jp/ADEOS). The EORC ADEOS Home Page is the first home page of JAXA's Earth observation satellite programs for the science community, and we are not accustomed to providing scientific information through the Internet WWW. For that reason we are still constructing the ADEOS Home Page through trial and error. The contents of the ADEOS Home Page will undoubtedly change with time, but the present ADEOS Home Page contains the following:

0) Directory
The directory lists the complete contents of the ADEOS Home Page.

1) What's New
Look ahead at the major events happening at ADEOS project and this site. Newsletters and Research Announcements are also found in this section. Please forgive us for occasionally forgetting to publish the news in this section.

2) What's ADEOS
This section tells you the basic concept of ADEOS including the objectives, spacecraft, orbit and mission instruments.

3) Events & Epochs
Schedules of ADEOS operation and its calibration and validation campaign are in this section. You can also see the OCTS observation schedule shown on maps.

4) Data from ADEOS
JAXA distributes some ADEOS data via the Internet. This section enables you to browse and to retrieve ADEOS sample data (e.g. OCTS intensive LAC, global coverage data from OCTS, AVNIR sub-sampled images, NSCAT ocean wind data and TOMS near real time data).

5) User's Guide
You will find useful information for ADEOS data handling such as standard product specifications and data format descriptions. The ADEOS Reference Handbook in English, which was published in printed form this spring, is available in electrical media in this section. You can also find Science User's Pages (ADEOS Bulletin Board) for discussion on general topics related to ADEOS.

6) Science Program
JAXA established the ADEOS science program in order to ensure that the ADEOS data processing and analysis proves valuable for Earth system science. Here you will find a digest of the ADEOS Science Program document.

7) Related Links
A collection of worldwide links related to the ADEOS program for more information.

Since our ADEOS data processing system and Earth Observation Information System (EOIS) were designed without consideration of utilizing of the Internet and we do not have enough resources to maintain the ADEOS Home Page well, we are afraid that the ADEOS Home Page may be unsatisfactory to you. If you find something to be desired in our ADEOS Home Page, please let us know by sending e-mail to adeossupport@eorc.jaxa.jp. We count on your cooperation.

**(The manuscript was completed before the abandonment of ADEOS satellite operation on June 30, 1997.)**

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