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The First Meeting of PIs under the Joint ESCAP-JAXA ADEOS Data Applications Research Program was held at ESCAP Headquarters in Bangkok on December 10 and 11, 1996. This was the first PI meeting of RESAP-JAXA RA, and all 20 selected PIs from 15 Asian countries participated.

On the morning of December 10, Mr. Guangchang Shi, Director of the Environment and Natural Resources Management Division (ENRMD), opened the meeting with an address highlighting the importance and the aims of the joint ESCAP-JAXA Research Program. His presentation was followed by the brief addresses by Mr. Tasuku Tanaka from JAXA and Prof. Shunji Murai from AIT.

The ADEOS Session then began. Prof. Haruhisa Shimoda (JAXA) presented the outline of the ADEOS Science Program, and showed ADEOS images other than AVNIR images. Dr. Yoshifumi Yasuoka (JAXA) then showed AVNIR images and demonstrated AVNIR application programs. Finally, Prof. Shunji Murai gave a lecture titled "How to organize a Research Plan."

Technical Meetings were held in the afternoon of December 10 and the morning of December 11. Twenty PIs presented their research plans describing the scientific purpose, methodology, expected results, research schedule, budget, and so on. Dr. Yoshifumi Yasuoka chaired the land application sessions, and Prof. Haruhisa Shimoda chaired the other sessions. During the presentation, Mr. Tasuku Tanaka, Dr. He Changchui (ESCAP) and Prof. Shunji Murai gave technical advice to each PI. Special scientific and technical problems were also discussed.

In the afternoon of December 11, the Business Meeting was chaired by Dr. He Changchui. He presented a brief synopsis of the project, program management, PIs' responsibilities, etc. titled "Management Plan for the joint ESCAP-JAXA ADEOS Research Program." Participants also discussed data management and financial management. Dr. He Changchui concluded by giving the slogan of this project: the 3 C's Approach, Commitment, Communication and Cooperation.

PIs selected for RESAP-JAXA RA and their themes are listed below:

  1. A. M. Choudhury (Bangladesh) - Study of Marine Environment of the Bay of Bengal using ADEOS OCTS data
  2. Li Xiaowen (China) - Development of Algorithms for Dynamic Monitoring of Vegetation on Rugged Terrains Using AVNIR and POLDER Products
  3. Zhou Chenghu (China) - ADEOS Data Applications for Regional Sustainable Development - Environment Monitoring of the Coastal Zone of Bohai, China
  4. I. V. Muralikrishna (India) - Integrated Approach for Computing Land Use Emissions of Greenhouse Gases - An Indian Case Study of Application of ADEOS Data
  5. Subaryono (Indonesia) - A Study on the Potential Use of the Data Imaged by AVNIR for Topographic Mapping
  6. Sri Utaminingsih (Indonesia) - Development of Relation Model between the SST and Chlorophyl Concentration as the High Level ADEOS-OCTS Output Data and the Sea Truth Data of the Same Parameters in Indonesian Waters
  7. Wookap Choi (Korea) - Investigation of Transport Associated with the Annual
  8. and Quasi-biennial Oscillations from the Tropical Stratospheric Reservoir to Extratropics
  9. Khiruddin Abdullah (Malaysia) - The Use of ADEOS Data in Studying Geophysical and Biological Aspects of Coastal Waters
  10. Mijidorj Sandaar (Mongolia) - Ecological Assessment and Mapping of Desertification Processes Using ADEOS and Ground Truth Data in the Regions of Central Asia with Extreme Natural Conditions
  11. U Myint Swe (Myanmar) - Monitoring the Land Use Changes during the Periods of Last 6 Years for Mon State, Myanmar
  12. Rishi Ram Sharma (Nepal) - Himalayan Deforestation and its Impact on the Atmospheric Environment (12) Bidur Parasad Upadhaya (Nepal) - Glacier Lake Assessment of Nepal Himalayas Using Satellite Remote Sensing Technology
  13. Amina Rangoonwala (Pakistan) - Coastal Zone Mapping Using ADEOS AVNIR Data
  14. Lianna Talaue-McManus (Philippines) - Assessment and Monitoring of Primary Productivity and Macrophyte Cover in Philippine Coastal Environments
  15. Epifanio D. Lopez (Philippines) - Monitoring Mount Pinatubo Lahar Damage and Land Cover Change on Central Luzon Using ADEOS Sensors
  16. Lim Hock (Singapore) - Calibration and Validation of the ADEOS OCTS and its Application in the Early Detection of Red Tide in South East Asia
  17. Lalith D. K. B. Gamage (Sri Lanka) - The Study of the Impact of Monsoon Winds on Coastal Erosion Using SAR Images and Ocean Surface Wind Speed Data
  18. Thongchai Charuppat (Thailand) - Application of ADEOS Data for Study on Forest Distribution and its Change in Khao Yai National Park
  19. Nguyen Dinh Duong (Vietnam) - Semiautomatic Land Cover Classification Using ADEOS-AVNIR Multispectral Data
  20. Tran Duc Thanh (Vietnam) - Monitoring of Tidal Wetland Distribution and its Change in the Coastal Zone of North Vietnam

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