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What's an algorithm?

An algorithm is defined as "a set of rules that must be followed when solving a particular problem". For GLI data analysis, "solving a particular problem," means a procedure of retrieving geophysical parameters from GLI sensor signals, and "rules" means a correlation between GLI sensor signals and geophysical parameters. We call the systemized computer program based on such algorithms "the GLI higher analysis system". JAXA developed the GLI higher analysis system through the following process.

  1. Call for algorithms from scientists by Research Announcement (RA).
  2. Select some promising proposals, and develop algorithms within the framework of JAXA collaborative research. We call a scientist selected through the RA, a Principal Investigator (PI).
  3. PIs develop algorithms in FORTRAN or C programming language and submit them to JAXA.
  4. The GLI Algorithm Integration Team (GAIT) in JAXA/EORC will implement such algorithms on the GLI higher analysis system.
  5. Generate geophysical parameters (standard products) using the GLI higher analysis system.

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