SGLI Science Team (2009-2018)


Gr. Principal Investigator Research Organization Reseach theme
Land Yoshiaki Honda (PI team leader) Chiba Univ. Plannning and preparation for validation of the atmospheric corrected reflectance
Kenlo Nasahara Tsukuba Univ. Development of integrative information of the terrestrial ecosystem
Koji Kajiwara Chiba Univ. Development of above-ground biomass and vegetation roughness index algorithms using SGLI multiangle observation and investigation of validation and applications
Masao Moriyama Nagasaki Univ. Development of land surface temperature, shadow index, and fire detection algorithms for GCOM-C1/SGLI
Kiyonari Fukue Tokai Univ. Algorithm Development of Global Land Cover Classification using High Precision Ortho Surface Reflectance Data
Noriko Soyama Tenri Univ. Development of algorithms and validation methods of global and cover classification
Kanako Muramatsu Nara Women's Univ. Gross primary production algorithm development and validation
Masahiro Tasumi Miyazaki Univ. Research on development of ET-Index Map as a GCOM Land Products
Takayuki Kaneko Tokyo Univ. ERI Improvement of active volcano monitoring system in east Asia by using SGLI : preparation for realtime high spatial-resolution obsercation
Koji Nakau Hokkaido Univ. Algorithm development and validation of wild file detection using SGLI
Kazuhito Ichii Fukushima Univ. Improvement of terrestrial carbon cycle by effective use of various GCOM-C1 SGLI products
Rikie Suzuki JAMSTEC Investigation of carbon cycle of vegetation in cold districts through collaboration of SGLI and in-situ observations
Masataka Takagi Kochi Univ. of Technology Mapping tender green and autumn color by satellite data fusion
Kazuo Mabuchi Chiba Univ. Improvement of application methods of GCOM products by mutual use of a climate model and satellite remote sensing data
Atmosphere Takashi Nakajima (Atmos leader) Tokai Univ. Global observations of cloud area and properties from GCOM-C SGLI for improving climate change study and cloud science.
Itaru Sano Kinki Univ. Algorithm development for aerosol retrieval and its validation based on combined use of polarization and radiance measurements
Toshiro Inoue Tokyo Univ. Remote sensing and modeling of atmospheric aerosols using SGLI
Makoto Kuji Nara Women's Univ. Retrieval and validation of cloud geometrical properties
Hiroshi Ishimoto Meteorological Res.Inst. Construction of aerosol and ice particle scattering database for advanced remote sensing algorithms
Akihiro Yamazaki Meteorological Res.Inst. Improvement of aerosol and cloud radiation measurements system for providing GCOM-C1 validation data
Hitoshi Irie Chiba Univ Validation plan of GCOM-C aerosol, cloud and radiation products by SKYNET in-situ observation network
Kazuma Aoki Toyama Univ. Study of influence of temporal and spatial scale of solar radiation measurements on validation of GCOM-C/SGLI
Tadahiro Hayasaka Tohoku Univ. Evaluation of GCOM-C1 Surface Radiation Budget Products Associated with Cloud and Aerosol Properties
Jérôme Riedi LOA - Univ. Lille1/CNRS Remote sensing of clouds and aerosols properties from SGLI on GCOM-C1 Migrating POLDER/MODIS synergistic algorithms to SGLI
Ocean Mitsuhiro Toratani (Ocean leader) Tokai Univ. Atmospheric correction for SGLI ocean color data
Takafumi Hirata Hokkaido Univ. Development and calibration of GCOM-C ocean algorithms to derive marine biogeochemical and ecosystem variables towards satellite-model integrated analysis
Joji Ishizaka Nagoya Univ. Data Collection for Validation of Coastal Ocean Algorithms and Products,including Primary Production and Red Tide
Toru Hirawake Hokkaido Univ. Development of algorithms to estimate net primary productivity and phytoplankton functional types
Futoki Sakaida Tohoku Univ. Development of long-term and high-resulution SST timeseries and climatology for improvement of the GCOM-C/SGLI SST algorithm
Robert Frouin Scripps Inst. of Oceanogr. Algorithms to Improve the Standard Atmospheric Correction of SGLI Ocean-Color Imagery and Compute the Fraction of PAR Absorbed by Phytoplankton
Koji Suzuki Hokkaido Univ. Highly frequent and accurate observations of marine phytoplankton pigments and light regimes using state-of-the-art technologies.
Hiroshi Kobayashi Univ. Yamanashi  Establishment of validation methods for development of coastal ocean-color algorithm coupled between atmosphere and ocean system
Seiichi Saitoh Hokkaido Univ. Application of GCOM-C datasets to sustainable development and management for ecosystem-based fisheries and aquaculture
Amane Fujiwara National Inst.of Polar Res. Application of GCOM-C datasets to assess the responses of phytoplankton communities to recent environmental changes in the Pacific side Arctic Ocean
Bryan Franz NASA NASA ocean color processing and data analysis support for SGLI
Menghua Wang NOAA Development and Implementation of Atmospheric Correction Algorithm for SGLI/GCOM-C Ocean Color Products
Cryosphere Knut H. Stamnes Stevens Inst. of Tech. GCOM-C1/SGLI snow/ice products: Upgrades,testing,and validation 
Teruo Aoki (Cryos leader) Meteorological Res. Inst. Study of improvement and new development of GCOM-C/SGLI snow and ice algorithms and their validation by in-situ measurements and climate models