Main Specifications of SGLI

The Second-Generation Global Imager (SGLI), which is a successor of the Global Imager (GLI) aboard ADEOS-II, is an optical sensor capable of multi-channel observation at wavelengths from near-UV to the thermal infrared wavelength. (380nm to 12┬Ám)

SGLI consists of two radiometer components, the Visible and Near Infrared Radiometer (SGLI-VNR) and the Infrared Scanner (SGLI-IRS). SGLI-VNR is capable of observing polarized and unpolarized radiances.

Visible and Near Infrared Radiometer (VNR)
Non-polarization nadir view (11ch) Polarization/along-track slant view (2ch)
spatial resolution: 250m,
swath: 1150km
spatial resolution: 1km,
swath: 1150km
Infrared Scanner (IRS)
Shortwave infrared (SWI:4ch) Thermal infrared (TIR:2ch)
spatial resolution: 250m/1km,
swath: 1400km
spatial resolution: 250m,
swath: 1400km
SGLI Second generation GLobal Imager
VNR Visible and Near Infrared Radiometer
IRS Infrared Scanner
SWI ShortWave Infrared
TIR Thermal InfraRed