Global Change Observation Mission


  • What kind of data is able to obtain from the Service? (ID:GIN001)
  • There are various kinds of data available on this service. For example, photo image of sky of the observation point, soil moisture contents, and so on. Detailed data list can be obtained after user registration process completed.
  • How to use? (ID:GIN002)
  • User registration is required before the use of the Service.
    At first, please proceed registration to obtain ID and password to use the Service.
  • Which document should I follow to publish a paper with the data of the Service? (ID:GIN003)
  • Users are required to follow "Readme" in each data for publishing paper.
    Required process for publishing is different in each data.
  • What is "Access right" that mentioned in E-mail? (ID:GIN004)
  • In-situ data were collected and provided by researchers funded by various organizations. Thus, disclosure level (access right) of in-situ data is defined for individual datasets (e.g., Data A can be accessed by both GCOM-W and GCOM-C PIs but data B may be accessed by only GCOM-W PIs).
  • Can I obtain much data at once? (ID:GIN005)
  • To understand the data usage, procedure that obtains much data at once is not prepared.
  • Forget password. (ID:GIN006)
  • New password is able to obtain from "Reissue of password".
  • Changing of user registration. (ID:GIN007)
  • Except changing E-mail address, modifying registration item is able by proceeding registration process again with same E-mail address. In case of changing E-mail address, Please contact to Support desk, with old and new E-mail address.
  • Deletion of user registration. (ID:GIN008)
  • Please contact to Support desk to delete user registration.