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Service and Products

The GCOM-W Research Product Distribution Service provides research products processed by JAXA/EORC derived from data obtained by AMSR2 onboard GCOM-W1, and AMSR-E onboard Aqua with free of charge. The products described in the table below are currently available.

User registration is required to obtain the products on this service. Please read the terms and conditions carefully and agree on them before the registration at "User registration".

AMSR2/AMSR-E Research Products

Sensor Product Level Version Term Remarks
Brightness Temperature in slow rotation mode
L1 - 2012/12/05 -
hdf5 format
2 files/day
All-weather Sea Surface Wind Speed
L2 V120 2012/07/03 - hdf5 format
L3 V120 2012/07/03 - hdf5 format

To Get AMSR2/AMSR-E Standard Products

Please access GCOM-W Data Providing Service if you would like to use AMSR2/AMSR-E standard products.

Mar. 6, 2017
Near-real-time Data Distribution Suspended
Because of system maintenance, the AMSR2 all-weather wind speed data will be temporally unavailable from around 1:00UTC to 6:30UTC March 7.
Jun. 16, 2016
AMSR2 research product during the initial check out phase is available.
AMSR2 research product "All-weather Sea Surface Wind Speed" acquired during the initial check out phase (July 3 to July 23, 2012) is now open to public.
Apr. 16, 2016
AMSR2 observation data missing
The AMSR2 observation was suspended from around 12UTC April 15 to 08UTC April 16, 2016. Now, AMSR2 observation was in normal status.