ADEOS Standard Products

Standard Products are produced or copied on demand, archived at EOC and Sensor Providers, and distributed with media (some are distributed via internet) to research users at reproduction costs. (All NSCAT and TOMS Standard Products will be freely distributed to anonymous users via internet! )

Via Internet (PI and Registered Users Only)

ProviderInstrumentContents w/Delivery Schedule
EOCOCTSLevel3 Binned Map
  • Pigment Concentration Daily/Weekly (Aug.97)
  • Chlorophyll a Daily/Weekly (Aug.97)
  • K490 Weekly/Monthly* (Aug.97)
  • Vegitaiton Index Daily/Weekly (Oct.97)
  • Sea Surface Temperature Daily/Weekly (Oct.97)
(*: EOC's Primary Product)
NSCATLevel 1.7 (Aug.97)
Level 2 (Aug.97)
Level 3 (Aug.97)
TOMSLevel 3' (Aug.97)
Level 2 (TBD)
Level 3 (TBD)
GSFCTOMSLevel 3' data and value added images (TBD)
Level 3 (TBD)
RISLevel2 (TBD)
Level 3 (TBD)

For Media (A Full List of Standard Products)

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