Haruhisa Shimoda
ADEOS Program Scientist
Earth Observation Research and application Center, Japan Space Exploration Agency

Contracts with PIs

Contracts with domestic PIs with funding have been finished. Actions for agreements with PIs without funding, including both domestic and foreign PIs, will start soon.

Next PI Meeting

The next PI meeting will be held in Tokyo in March 1997.

Algorithm Development

The following algorithms are under development and will be installed before normal ADEOS operation.

  1. Chlorophyll concentration from OCTS
  2. SST from OCTS
  3. Vegetation Index from OCTS
  4. Space Reflectance from AVNIR

The following algorithms are also under development, but implementation of these algorithms will require much more time than the above algorithms.

  1. Surface reflectance from AVNIR
  2. Total ozone and sulfur dioxide from TOMS
  3. Radius distribution and refractive index of aerosols from POLDER
  4. Land cover classification using AVNIR
  5. Wet land classification using AVNIR and OCTS
  6. Radiative flux of Air-Sea interaction from OCTS, NSCAT and IMG
  7. Aerosols from OCTS
  8. Three-dimensional ozone distribution using TOMS, IMG and ILAS
  9. DEM using AVNIR stereo pair

Field Campaigns

The following field campaigns have been decided and are being discussed with relevant institutions. The tropical forest campaign in Malaysia has been canceled because of cloud cover. California campaigns will be followed by similar campaigns which will be held twice a year.

If anyone would like to attend these campaigns, please let me know.

  1. Calibration campaign in California.
    PI: Mr. Shimada (EORC, JAXA)
    TIME: 2-3 weeks in Feb. 1997
    SITE: Edwards AFB, Lunar Lake, Lake Taho, Ivanpah Playa, off shore of San Diego
    Platform and sensors: AVIRIS on ER-2
    Ground measurement: Optical thickness, reflectance
    Attendees: JAXA, NASA JPL, several domestic PIs, IMG team

  2. Validation campaign in Alaska for atmosphere and cryosphere
    PI: Prof. Toshihiro Ogawa (Univ. of Tokyo)
    TIME: February to March 1997
    SITE: Poker Flat in Fairbanks for atmosphere, Barrow for cryosphere
    • Poker Flat: High-altitude balloon flight and ground based optical measurements are planned. Candidate instruments on balloon are SAO FIR-2, DU CAESR, JPL Mk 4 Interferometer.
    • Barrow: Only ground-based measurements for lakes are planned.

    Attendees: JAXA, NSBF, UAF, several universities

  3. Validation campaign for oceanography
    PI: Prof. Saino (Nagoya Univ.)
    TIME: April to May 1997
    SITE : off shore of Sanriku Japan in North Pacific
    Contents: Several research vessels will participate in this campaign. Most oceanographic parameters will be measured.
    Attendees: JAXA, Fishery Agency of Japan, University of Tokyo, Tokai University,Japanese PIs

Validations other than Field Campaigns

  1. Chlorophyll validations
    • Many research vessels of the Fishery Agency of Japan will collect chlorophyll data in the Northwest Pacific.
    • JAXA will attend pole-to-pole cruise by Southampton Oceanographic Center. These cruises will be conducted twice a year.
  2. SST validations
    • Main part of SST validations will depend upon floating buoys.
  3. Global meteorological data

Assimilated global meteorological data will be provided from UK Met Office and ECMWF for validation of ADEOS data.

ADEOS in-situ Database

The ADEOS in-situ database will be established soon. The database will contain assimilated meteorological data, buoy and sonde data, aerosol data, etc. These data will be archived in the EORC database. We are also planning to store some of the data which can be disclosed to the public at the Web site in EORC.


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