GLI User's Guide
sensor characteristics from prelaunch evaluation

GLIcharaguide_jp20030314.pdf (if you cannot read it, please try this.)

Sorry, this document is only in Japanese now.
We will translate to English future.
It is edited by the GLI-JAXA calibration groups (1-6 groups) and the GLI-PI calibration working group.
It includes describes GLI pre-launch-tests summaries, their analysis results and useful tables for Level-1 data users.
Post launch results will be released after GLI calibration activities.
It is include following information for Level-1 data use.
 * table of GLI band performance summary (see Table 3.2-2 in P12)
 * relative spectral response of all GLI bands (see Appendix 1)
 * GLI band weighted irradiance (see 4.3.2 in P31)
 * tables of MTIR radiance and brightness temperature conversion (see Appendix 2)
      gli_t2rfl_ABmean.dat (temperature to radiance)
      gli_r2tfl_ABmean.dat (radiance to temperature)

Sample Orbit (nadir footprint):
  glipath_01.20030112_low (15 sec intervals)
  glipath_01.20030112_high.gz (2 sec intervals)

  Representative values for a rough simulation:
Earth= 6378142.D0, GM=3.986009D14
  Epoch time= 2003,01,14,01,00,00,
  Altitude= 808.49 km,
  Right Ascension of Ascending Node= 88.211 deg,
  Orbital Inclination=98.62 deg,
  Mean Anomaly=180.538 deg,
  Argument of Perigee=104.550 deg,
  Scan angle= -45 to +45 deg (east to west in descending)
  Swath= 1600 km, 1236 pixels in L1B
  Detectors= 12 (12km)
  Tilt angle= 18.5 deg

Calibration information will be shown from JAXA/EORC/GLI/calibration homepage;
or GLI PI's door; (only for GLI PI)