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Areas Grid
Goal Accuracy Range Status Remarks
All-weather sea surface wind speed ASW Ocean 60 ±7m/s 0 - 70m/s available
Except sea ice areas. The goal accuracy is defined for the wind speed more than 17 m/s.
It was released to the public on Oct. 6, 2015.
10-GHz (high-resolution) SST SST Ocean 30 ±0.8℃ 9 - 35℃ available
(included in standard product Ver. 2.1 and Ver. 3.0)
Except sea ice and precipitating areas.
It is already contained in the standard SST product (Ver. 2.1 and Ver. 3.0)
Soil moisture (SMC) and vegetation water content (VWC) based on the land data assimilation methodology LDA land over the continents of Africa and Australia 25 SMC: ±8%
VWC: ±1kg/m²
0 - 100%
0 - 2kg/m²
Profiles are retrieved for SMC.
Land surface temperature LST Land 15 Forest: ±3K
Low vegetation: ±4K
0 - 50℃ available
(Ver. 100)
Temperature at a canopy top is defined as land surface temperature.
Vegetation water content VWC Land 10 ±1kg/m² 0 - 4kg/m² under
Advanced (high-resolution) sea ice concentration ASI Ocean at high latitudes 5 ±15% 0 - 100% under
Accuracy is expressed in absolute value of sea ice concentration (%).
Detection of thin sea ice TSI Okhotsk Sea
Bering Sea
Hudson Bay
15 80% N/A available
(Ver. 100)
Sea ice area (≦ 30 cm) is defined as thin ice area. A flag representing whether thin ice area is dominant in a pixel is stored in a product. Accuracy is expressed in right answer rate (%).
Sea ice motion vector SIM Ocean at high latitudes 50 ±3cm/s
in latitude and longitude
0 - 40cm/s under
Total Precipitable Water over Land PWL Land 15km ±6.5kg/m² 0 - 70kg/m² available
(Ver. 100)
Vertically integrated (columnar)
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Please access GCOM-W Research Product Distribution Service if you would like to get AMSR2/AMSR-E research products.
(As 10GHz SST is contained in the standard SST product, please access G-Portal if you would like to get it.)

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