Satellites Orbit Map

GCOM-C observation area & operation mode map (plan):
  • from Apr. 1, 2018 to the current year
  • Observation time can be calculated by the following equations:
      hour(UT) = mod(((RSP-34)/34+(Scene-1)/24)*(24*34/485)+24,24)
        RSP: reference path number shown in the map images
        Scene: scene number:
          Descending (daytime): Scene ~= int((90-latitude)/15)+7
          Ascending (nighttime): Scene ~= mod(int((90+latitude)/15)+18,24)+1

GCOM-C predicted orbit map image FTP site:
  • ./gtif: GeoTIFF Image. It can be displayed overlapping with in-situ site with QGIS etc.
  • ./jpeg: JPEG Image. (File size is small. For acquisition and reference on in-situ site.)
  • Data storage: from Jan. 1, 2018 to Aug. 31, 2021 (please use the above https link for the rescent information