Data Providing Service

We have launched a website named "G-Portal" in order to provide users with JAXA's Earth observing satellite data. SGLI products will also be available at G-Portal about 1 year after the launch of GCOM-C satellite.

On the website, standard products of JAXA's Earth observng satellite including the following satellite sensors are available.

Sensor (as of May, 2016)

Sensor period
OCTS November/1996 - June/1997
GLI June/2003 - October/2003
SGLI available one year after the launch of GCOM-C satellite

After the launch of GCOM-C

Standard Product Research Product

Glove Portal System (G-Portal)

JAXA Satellite Monitoring for Environmental Studes (JASMES)

The user's registration is newly necessary in order to use this service.